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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Descent (ooh, That Smell) into Inferno

The Descent (ooh, That Smell) into Inferno.

Holding my nose, gag reflex suppressed, I have downloaded (on the iPad; the physical book I will not admit to my library) Dan Brown's Inferno. I will begin reading it when I have nothing else to do, which, unfortunately, might be very soon. I am currently in a "transition" space between my old MacBook and a new MacBook, Victor having mistaken the former for a flower, dousing it with a nice cup of water. So, my new MacBook is shinny and new, but does not have Microsoft Office installed, so little more than a toy. 

In any case, my Summer and my lack of computer to work on my real work has given me the time to read Dan Brown's Inferno. But for now, the rain has stopped and I am going for a bike ride!

Those of you that have read the book or are reading it now, please offer your comments, critiques and/or praise via the comment button on this blog. No spoilers!

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