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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Westboro Baptist "Church" uses Oklahoma Tornado: Straight to Hell!

Westboro Baptist "Church" uses Oklahoma Tornado: Straight to Hell!

I have had some misgivings about playing God, and thus have tried to hedge me condemnations on this blog. Indeed, I have tried make my posts rather light, less serious, in hopes of not making my judgments seem either too moralistic or too political. 

Well, after the terrible tornado in Oklahoma last week that took lives, houses, property, and pets of friends and fellow citizens of Oklahoma, less than 10 miles from my home (when not in Italy, I live in Norman, Oklahoma), here comes news of the arrival of Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church to use this tragedy for his disgusting beliefs.

Taking the "charisma" right out charismatic preacher, this woeful creature and his deranged, inbred, ignorant followers travel from tragedy to tragedy (military funerals, funerals for victims of school shootings, natural disasters), to protest these funerals, claiming that acceptance of homosexuality by society explains and justifies these deaths. This extreme brand of evangelical christianity shows a dark side of American religion.

Well, they threatened to come to Oklahoma in the wake of the Tornado emergency in Moore last week. Of course, they did not show up (they can count cowardice among their many vices), but used the occasion to generate publicity. I am well aware that I am fueling their fire with this post, but I think that educating my European readership (which is more than half of my readers, according to the stats) merits this discussion.

On the other hand, so many people have responded with kindness and generosity to the Oklahoma tornados last week, for some examples see this blog.

As for Dante and his swift condemnation. I feel quite confident that they belong in Inf. XXVIII, the bolgia of the schismatics. Not only is their faith deviant from any form of Christianity, and we have many in Oklahoma!, but their main purpose is dividing people through religion and politics. Indeed, Dante puts a condemned heretic from his own day in this pit, Fra Dolcino, mostly because his apostasy was as much political and anti-papal than theological. And like Fred Phelps, Fra Dolcino used religion to attack others. People can hold odious beliefs; they can even practice these beliefs in their encounters, but these "people" broadcast their beliefs with the intent of creating social division and strife.

Dante dreams up his most gruesome punishment for these sinners. They are split in half by sword-weilding demons. As they walk the circuit they recompose, only to be split again.

e qual forato suo membro e qual mozzo28.19and then, were one to show his limb pierced through
mostrasse, d'aequar sarebbe nullaand one his limb hacked off, that would not match
il modo de la nona bolgia sozzo.the hideousness of the ninth abyss.
Già veggia, per mezzul perdere o lulla,28.22No barrel, even though it's lost a hoop
com' io vidi un, così non si pertugia,or end-piece, ever gapes as one whom I
rotto dal mento infin dove si trulla.saw ripped right from his chin to where we fart:
Tra le gambe pendevan le minugia;28.25his bowels hung between his legs, one saw
la corata pareva e 'l tristo saccohis vitals and the miserable sack
che merda fa di quel che si trangugia.that makes of what we swallow excrement.
Mentre che tutto in lui veder m'attacco,28.28While I was all intent on watching him,
guardommi e con le man s'aperse il petto,he looked at me, and with his hands he spread
dicendo: "Or vedi com' io mi dilacco!his chest and said: "See how I split myself!

A foul punishment for a disgusting sin. Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church can go straight to Hell!

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